Shank God Los Angeles, California

Geoff Thais

"Helpful" cassette on love lion tapes 2012
"Shank Gesundheit"
self released 2013
"Muscle Porch" upcoming release

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Track Name: Ppendage
solemn appendage they can choose it for you im feeling the great insult we ordered and they delivered but sullen kid had a growth spurt the lid came off the box he thought he was entitled to his opinion but he was not. turn into bad breath and hid in the reeds of duress where old appendages finger your assets through armor a warning that if you take your attention from me for one second i can choose it for you. im feeling the great insult do the honest thing and fall your foes are being restored don't harvest them now it's premature
Track Name: room temp
they don't touch what they cant nickname and i gather where to stand by the bins and how to look maintenance-ish its anonymous being under a great number getting along with your uselesness there was a nodding that shouldn't have come from my body that said we can agree on this
it's a non effort you waste mine I waste yours
Track Name: sliding panel
visible lifestyle wish to maintain it even the squares in your circle have started to call you nameless & under you the pleasures are few there's no one to set me right there's no one to do heavy lifting at nite so i sigh beg for the phone to dial a cyst beg for a sign that you'll sink on this date beg for it soon but it'll be always, it'll be always take you behind the shed make you my one concern mistake you for someone else you can't pretend you don't know how to slide animal behavior off of your tray collar change and starch it in place
Track Name: worried
you been ungothing and im proud stay above ground and risk a ten you understand we'll find each other well twenty thirty years between visitations don't want to know how you've been just want to work you understand there have been alterations i need a number where you wrote down a word you understand that what I get from you is worried the element of dread the gift i have to extend is nothing good. worried a noble gas for a noble savage to pass and i'm adjusting my neck to get it off but no one can tell that i can clean up the act and sell it off, for more than it's worth and how do i defocus and then unsponge, born bored, it's standard procedure, the quiz i took online said i'm a nervous motherfucker
so im worried